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Braille Displays

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Brand: Help Tech Model: Actilino
Braille display and notetaker in one device Actilino is a super-compact portable notetaker for blind users. Whether travelling by train or bus, relaxing in the garden, or concentrating at work, the 16 piezo ceramic Braille cells and the silent Braille keyboard make the Actilino your reliable everyd..
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Brand: Help Tech Model: Activator
INTRODUCING the Activator, a Braille display that opens up a world of new possibilities...Discover the next generation of Braille experience.The Activator is a revolutionary new approach to Braille display technology developed and manufactured by Help Tech, a German company - a world leader in blind..
$9,108.00 USD $0.00 USD
Active Braille
NEW Pre-Order
Brand: Help Tech Model: Active Braille
The ultimate 40-cell Braille display with notetaker function and multi-Bluetooth This new version of Active Braille builds on the success of the previous model by providing a 40-character braille cell. It is even more compact, ergonomically optimised with improved controls and more functionality. T..
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Brand: Hims Model: Braille eMotion
INTRODUCING the all-new Braille eMotion 40-cell Braille Display!Lightweight. Ergonomic. Powerful. The Braille eMotion offers the most versatile, flexible, and convenient features in a braille display. With 40 braille cells, built-in Wi-Fi, text-to-speech voices, and current computing hard..
$4,043.00 USD $3,973.00 USD
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